8:12 P.M.Duffy trial to stretch past allotted time !!! …


The Mike Duffy trial in Ottawa was scheduled to wrap up on June / 19 … But with only two witnesses called in the opening week ! … The finish line is being pushed back …

*MORBNOTE I ; Like we didn’t see this comin’ !!! … CHA-CHING !!!…

The suspended senator and former Conservative faces 31 counts of fraud , breach of trust and bribery related to expenses and contracts he signed … Duffy’s lawyer , Donald Bayne , has grilled both witnesses extensively about Senate rules as he attempts to show that his client operated within the system as it exists … But with dozens of people expected to testify , Ontario court Justice Charles Vaillancourt says he doesn’t anticipate the trial ending within the allotted period …

This means there could be days spent in court this summer … Or through the election campaign in the fall … Or even an extension into next year !!! …

*MORBNOTE II ; Of course !!! … All the lawyers have to pile on as much hourly charges as they can to rack up as much wasted time possible in order to charge the highest amount of money to cover their costs for their B’mers and Mercedes’ and pocket MORE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of the taxpayer’s dollars !!! …


via Duffy trial to stretch past allotted time.


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