8:20 A.M. Mike Duffy’s day in court … The Rules of Engagement …



How the trial works ;

The case will be heard by a judge alone , rather than by a judge and jury … This will mean more open news coverage of what happens in court … In jury trials , reporters can only relate what happened in the courtroom while the jury is present , meaning long legal wrangles over things like the admissibility of evidence go unreported … Judges hearing cases alone are assumed to be unswayed by any media coverage so the rules on what the public can be told are looser …

Forty-one days of court time have been blocked out , in two chunks ;

Weekdays from April 7 to May 12 , then from June 1 to June 19 … Judge Vaillancourt can add days  … Potentially after another break … If that turns out not to be enough time …

Court is expected to sit from 10 a.m. to roughly 4:30 each day of the trial after the day, April 7 … When it begins at 10:30 … The judge decides exactly when the court’s day ends and when to take breaks …

Both the Crown and the defense will begin with opening statements that lay out what they hope to show in the course of the trial … Then formal testimony will come from the Crown’s first witnesses … Defense lawyer Bayne will have a chance to cross-examine the Crown’s witnesses as they appear …

Once the Crown has finished presenting its case , Bayne will get to call witnesses of his own , whom the prosecutors will get to cross-examine …

At the end of the trial , Vaillancourt will likely reserve his judgment and deliver a verdict later …

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via Mike Duffy’s day in court: Your guide to the suspended senator’s trial | Ottawa Citizen.


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