6:21 A.M. The perfect appetizer for the Senate scandal …


Faster than you could say cheese for the cameras , Nancy Ruth entered the entitlement hall of shame …

The Conservative senator sniffed that being served cold Camembert and broken crackers during the 50-minute flight from Toronto is beyond her level of culinary tolerance …

After all … A senator can only suffer so much before she’s entitled to charge the taxpayers for a hot breakfast before boarding … 

Look at that expression !!! … It speaks her thoughts ;

‘ Refrigerated camenbert ?!! … I mean really !!! … One puts Kraft slices or CheezeWhiz … Whatever that horrible muck the peasants eat is called … In the fridge !!! … I simply can’t be be expected to consume that rubbish while toiling so diligently for the Canadian masses !!! … I mean really !!! … Why are you wasting MY valuable time with such nonsense ?!!! ‘ …


Click on the article below for a good laugh and … Unfortunately … A sigh of resignation that this attitude runs rampant among both our elected and ‘ UN-elected public servants ‘ …




via Nancy Ruth’s cold cheese: the perfect appetizer for the Senate scandal.

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