12:22 P.M. Cheap politics … Cheap TV … CHEAP Globe and Mail !!! …


Word around Ottawa was that the government wanted the pick-and-pay decision to come out in early spring , in order to give the Conservative Party another pro-consumer issue for this fall’s election …

Interestingly , the news broke early on Thursday , after it was leaked to a number of press outlets … The CRTC prides itself on confidentiality , and it holds announcements like these until 4 p.m. (ET) because the information has the potential to move stock markets … I can’t recall the last time a leak like this occurred … But then , I can’t recall the last time the federal government took such a keen interest in a particular CRTC proceeding …

I’m not saying , of course , that someone in the Harper government leaked the news … But after setting the stage for this particular TV drama and overseeing a lot of the action , it wouldn’t be a surprise if they wanted to write their own ending , too …

Another media outlet … Not ‘ saying ‘ … Just ‘ implying at the top of it’s lungs ‘ to direct easily swayed minds to state it for them …

BlogSOOct037via Cheap politics, cheap TV: CRTC hands Tories a populist election platform – The Globe and Mail.


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