10 :51 A.M. Why import criminals ?!!! …


Esseghaier came to Canada from Tunisia as a student and was working on his PhD in Montreal when he was arrested … He’s 31 … Jaser’s background is more complicated … Of Palestinian descent , he was born in the United Arab Emirates to parents who fled what is now Israel and ended up in Canada in 1993 … The combination meant Jaser is stateless , so , though he didn’t get Canadian citizenship when the rest of his family did because of FIVE CONVICTIONS OF FRAUD !!! , neither could he be deported … He eventually became a permanent resident … He is 37 …

Esseghaier was openly contemptuous of the country that gave him a chance to study … He wanted his trial to be held under the Qu’ran , and when the judge ruled it wouldn’t be , he agreed to attend but refused to participate … He was, always , just who he is …


Yeah !!! … Another pair of assholes that should never have been let into this country in the first place !!! …

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via Christie Blatchford: So-called Via rail pair left little doubt they were a public menace | National Post.


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