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Here , at least , the headline shows a glimmer of hope that the newspaper is ‘ attempting ‘ to avoid swaying its’ readers thoughts on the subject by stating that it is someone’s ‘ opinion ‘ …

‘ That is most of the 67% of Canadians surveyed in a recent Forum poll who believe niqab-wearing women should reveal their faces while taking the oath of citizenship , are not racists … Certainly some of them are racists and are using their opposition to the niqab as a false flag for the fact that when all is said and done , they just hate Muslims ‘ …

Now Lorrie here makes the same mistake that many media people do consistently on a daily basis … Religious affiliation has nothing to do with ‘ race ‘ !!! … I’ll cut him some slack however … As the English language has suffered so much abuse these days , recent generations are rewriting it to compensate for their ineptitude ! … Somewhat similar to the current government concept of ‘ dumbing down ‘ tests for students to increase success percentages … Digital demons such as Wikipedia babble on thinking they are being informative by explaining everyone’s misuse of certain words and concepts … However … Mr Goldstein is in the journalism trade … He uses words for a living ! … He SHOULD know better !!! …

What is dangerous here is the fact that individuals that have difficulty arriving at a reasonable conclusion after absorbing all the facts ( … Many lacking the required intelligence to do so ! ) … Can easily be swayed to conform their thought to the convictions of others … Such as Lorrie here !!! … Race and religion are two different things … The former is a natural result largely determined by geography … The latter is a ‘ social creation ‘ of a species indigenous to the planet with , understandably , many conflicting variations … Again , due to geography …

Sorry Lorrie … But your ‘ opinion ‘ holds absolutely no merit … As you chose a starting point that is incorrect … Period !!! …

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via More reasonable than racist | GOLDSTEIN | Columnists | Opinion | Toronto Sun.


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