8:37 P.M. Ya gotta have a sense of humour !!! …


Lupul , temperamentally , with his open personality , his go-to eloquence in the dressing room , his enthusiastic outreach on social media , is quite tailor-made for T.O. … Had he not been so endlessly injured … Weird breaks , rotten luck rather than innate fragility … He could very much have been the handsome face of the franchise because that part of the job comes easily to him , unlike the palpable media discomfort of captain Dion Phaneuf …Lupul1

‘ It’s not ideal to be living in Toronto and playing for the Maple Leafs right now ‘… Lupul acknowledges … ‘ It’s not as much fun as it was at one time … There’s a lot of talk about the negativity of playing in Toronto … But for every one person that’s negative , there are nine others that are completely positive ‘ …

‘ It’s a great fan base … We’re lucky to play there … Obviously , it’s more fun to be there when you’re having success … But like I said , nine out of 10 still love the team and will support the Leafs until the day they die , I’m sure ‘ …

Ah !!! … But there’s the rub ! …  

How many Leaf teams must die and be buried in a fan’s lifetime ? …

More like how many generations of fans will die before the Leaf organisation can put together an actual professional hockey team ?!!! …


via Final stretch a life in limbo for Lupul and Leafs | Toronto Star.


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