9:05 A.M. Give me weapons and I AM TOUGH !!! …


In his speech , Adnani warned that the group would respond to U.S. led attacks on its territory with assaults on Paris and Rome and ‘ blow up ‘ icons including the Eiffel Tower and the White House , according to SITE Intelligence Group , which tracks the online postings of Islamist militant organizations …

For its part , Boko Haram may hope that its pledge will lead to financial backing from the Islamic State or a bump in recruits …  ‘ They wouldn’t be against accepting money from ISIL ‘ the official said , using another term for the Syria-based group … ‘ But it’s unlikely Boko Haram would change the way it operates ‘ …

The organization has built a reputation for brutality with a string of attacks including the kidnapping of hundreds of schoolgirls … But Boko Haram is under intense new pressure as troops from Niger , Chad and Cameroon have crossed into northern Nigeria to battle the insurgents … Nigeria also has reportedly called in mercenaries from South Africa and former Soviet republics to reinforce its troops …


These morons think they are ‘ tough , bad , mean MERCENARIES !!! … And demonstrate it by kidnapping ‘ schoolgirls ‘ ?!!! …



via Islamic State appears to embrace Nigerian militants’ loyalty pledge – The Washington Post.


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