5:50 P.M. Courageous ?!!! … C’ mon Heather !!! …



According to this ‘ accomplished news person ‘ … Pete Jr. is ‘ courageous for exposing  the corrosive effect of Stephen Harper isolating and demonizing one group , Muslims ‘ … And she boldly declares … ‘ It was as heartening a statement as I have ever heard from a politician … Trudeau dared to come out and say it :  Canadians are being invited to be racist , and they should decline ‘ …

I tell ya !!! … After years of being pissed off at myself for bad decisions that led me to my current situation … I thank Heather , the Star , the CBC … The Liberals !!! … For setting the record straight ! … 

Clearly … EVERYTHING !!! … Is Stephen Harper’s fault !!! …


And one more thought on the subject …

I’m thinkin’ that Heather wants to do ‘ the nasty ‘ under the sheets with Justyboy !!! …

She’s hopin’ to get her own set of keys to 24 Sussex Drive !!! …



via Trudeau’s defence of Canadian Muslims courageous: Mallick | Toronto Star.


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