2:23 P.M. Yet another Liberal throwing stones in glass House of Commons once again !!! …


The federal Liberals say a new benefit to provide financial support for Canada’s most severely injured veterans in their later years is borne of public pressure and not concern for wounded vets …

The new Retirement Income Security Benefit will provide a monthly income support payment for moderately to severely injured veterans after the age of 65 …

Veterans Affairs Minister Erin O’Toole unveiled the proposed new benefit at a press conference in Toronto Monday morning …

In response to the new measure , the Liberals accused the government of taking ‘ years ‘ to offer financial support to severely wounded veterans …

I’ve got one question for the liberals ;

 Why wasn’t this taken care of in all the ‘ years ‘ you and Captain Jeanny were in charge ?!!! …

Apr0602via Liberals slam feds over new benefit for severely wounded veterans | CTV News.


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