9:22 P.M. Lawyers win exemptions from money-laundering law …

The government had wanted lawyers to be subject to provisions of the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada , or Fintrac … The regulations would have compelled lawyers to keep track of their clients’ financial transactions and subject lawyers’ offices to searches without warrants … The Supreme Court says that violates solicitor-client privilege and lawyers’ charter rights to be protected from unlawful search and seizure …

I’ve always said … The good lawyers remain in the business and hose the public that way … The crappy ones leave the courtrooms and get themselves elected to office … Then attempt to write lousy laws that are nothing more than job creation for ALL lawyers ( and for a lucrative paycheque as well ! ) … Then the good lawyers expose the loopholes in the poorly written laws !!! … Either way … Both ‘ clever ‘ and ‘ not so clever ‘ lawyers line their bank accounts …

And the rest of us pay for it !!! …


Jan19Blog3 copy

via Lawyers win exemptions from money-laundering law – The Globe and Mail.


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