7:16 P.M. Experts ?!!! … Say man who beheaded bus passenger should go to group home …


Experts are recommending a man who beheaded a fellow passenger aboard a Greyhound bus should be transferred from a mental facility to a Winnipeg hospital with an eye to moving him to a community group home … It’s also being suggested that Vince Li be granted unescorted outings in the city …

Li’s psychiatrist , Dr. Steven Kremer , told a Criminal Code board review hearing Monday that Li has shown ‘ profound improvement ‘ and is at low risk to reoffend … Risk assessments done by several other doctors came to the same conclusion , the board heard …

What the fuck is that supposed to mean ?!! … ‘ We’re .. Pretty sure that this individual won’t get on a bus again … Stab a total stranger multiple times .. Decapitate him .. Then chew on his or her flesh … You know … Because we’re professionals and all … We’re pretty , kinda , half assed , sure he’s … OK now … I mean … Percentages and all … What would it be ? … Another one or two people dead ? … That’s not much of a percentage when you think about how many people are out there … I say he’s good to go !!! ‘ …

Of course this nutjob’s lawyer had this to say  ;

‘ There is no reason to treat Mr. Li differently than any other person ‘ …
100_8628 I’m another person and you better treat me differently than this mental defective !!! … He’s a waste of money keeping alive !!!

via Experts say man who beheaded bus passenger should go to group home – The Globe and Mail.


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