7:52 P.M. Europe / Canada / U.S.A / Australia … Western civilization … WAKE UP !!! …


– Across Europe today , the feelings of offended people are too often elevated above the freedoms of thought and speech … Theaters have rewritten plays lest they cause offence to Muslims … An arts institution as respectable as the Barbican in London ditched an exhibition that was branded offensive by the self-elected spokespeople of black communities … Outraged feminists forced a British television channel to pull a show they felt was sexist … A Swedish pastor was given a one-month suspended prison sentence for describing homosexuality as a ‘ tumor ‘ … French actress Brigitte Bardot has been arrested five times for criticizing the Islamic ritual slaughter of animals …. Students at no less an academy than Oxford shut down a debate about abortion by threatening to turn up and disrupt it  –

Above is an excerpt from an excellent artcle by Brendon O’Neill for the Wall Street Journal … It exemplifies the ridiculous levels that we have gone to that allows and facilitates this pagan invasion of our society ! … They claim to desire to live HERE … They flea from their homeland and exploit the freedoms and rights we’ve worked hard for PEACEFULLY !!! … Then demand we cater to them ! … When ALL their demands aren’t met … THEY KILL FROM WITHIN !!! …

And we have MORONS defending their ‘ rights ‘ … What’s worse is we’re letting them infiltrate our governments and effecting our policies … It has been left to fester far to long for it to be taken care of in a reasonably peaceful way … But it can still be dealt with if done so VERY SOON !!! …

If our so called ‘ leaders ‘ and policy makers grow some kahunas !!! …

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via Brendan O’Neill: Defeating Islamists in Their War on Free Thought – WSJ.


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