4:51 P.M. Slow start to 2015


As I begin the new year fighting the governmental idiocy in control of my tax contributions over the decade , this little tidbit of info popped in as I perused the news the other day …

A financial article opened up stating ;

By 11:41 a.m. on Friday, the first official workday of the year, that the average top 100 paid CEO in Canada will already have made the annual full-time salary of the average Canadian …

via Canada’s Top CEOs Making 195 Times More Than Average Canadian.

Not something you really need to find out after having your Employment Insurance benefits abruptly ended after 15 weeks ! … And trying to recover from the spinal surgery you just underwent a mere two months ago … The only thing on the positive side of this for me is that there is a Service Canada office within a manageable hobble from my place of residence … After speaking to the usual useless agents on the front end of things , even after an hour and a bit to ‘ set THEM straight ‘ … I have been involved with this bullshit for too many years ( I refer here to all other government agencies that one has to deal with for various reasons  … ) to take for granted that something is being done .

I then  walked around for a bit until I spied someone who was a bit further up the chain … She was very helpful and put me on a phone with someone that … ( now this key ) … Someone that I DON’T HAVE ACCESS TO THEIR NUMBER !  … After three individuals , multiple ‘ please hold for 5 minutes ‘ nonsense and about another two and a half hours in the office … I finally got things straightened out … I’ll still be waiting for close to three weeks to see any more money ( that I’m rightfully entitled to ! ) unfortunately … But it would have been much longer had I not pushed the issue myself … 

The aforementioned article about Canada’s CEOs , combined with the ineptitude of our government , demonstrates how this country , along with the rest of the western civilization , is getting very close to ‘ THE BIG CRASH ‘ … Combine that with all the pagan nonsense from eastern NON civilization and mankind’s days are numbered …

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