11:12 A.M. Think about this before voting Trudeau …


Fife also asked Trudeau about the growing problem of Canadian Muslims joining terrorist groups … An estimated 150 have done so …. Trudeau got even mushier , claiming that ‘ engaging ‘ Muslims was the answer … He used the word four times … But what engagement does Trudeau have in mind ? … Military engagement ? … An attempt to deradicalize them ?… A public information campaign to explain to newcomers that we don’t believe in violence in Canada ? … Even if an imam calls for it ?!!! …

Here’s what Trudeau said when he spoke to a Muslim conference in Toronto … A conference originally sponsored by an extremist group the Canadian government says sponsors terrorism :

‘ Canada has now moved beyond the goal of mere tolerance , because saying I tolerate you is to grudgingly allow you to breathe the same air , to walk the same earth … In Canada we are beyond that … So let us not use the word tolerance … Let us speak instead of acceptance , understanding , respect and friendship ‘ …

That’s how Trudeau is engaging Muslim radicals : Telling them he accepts them and their values … And the rest of Canada had better accept them too !!! …

Canadians couldn’t have a clearer choice in the next election …

MORBNOTE ; Good one Ezra !!! … Unfortunately there is too large a herd of pagans , that previous like minded idiots in past governments have allowed to migrate here , that will endorse this stupidity !!! …

via Think about this before voting Trudeau | Levant | Columnists | Opinion | Winnipe.


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