8:59 A.M. WTF ?!!! … Only in the States !!! … Well …

WAWHeaderAn instructor at a shooting range in Arizona died Monday after a 9-year-old girl accidentally shot him in the head with an Uzi he was showing her how to use , the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office said. Charles Vacca , 39 , of Lake Havasu City was shot Monday morning , airlifted to a medical center in Las Vegas and pronounced dead shortly before 9 p.m. , the sheriff’s office said …

Vacca was working at the ‘ Bullets and Burgers ‘ outdoor range in White Hills , about 60 miles southeast of Las Vegas , when the accident occurred. The girl and her parents were at the range while on vacation , a sheriff’s spokeswoman told the Los Angeles Times. He was standing next to the girl , instructing her how to use the Uzi , when she pulled the gun’s trigger and the recoil sent the weapon over her head , causing him to be shot , the sheriff’s office said …

Can an American explain to me the need to place a fully automatic weapon into the hands of a nine year old child ?!!! … This is the sort of thing these pagan societies that are Hell bent on destroying us do !!! …


via Firing range instructor dies after 9-year-old girl shoots him with Uzi – LA Times.


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