9:05 A.M. Interim Councillor !!! … SHUT UP !!! … Sit , listen and report … Be quiet until you are replaced by someone ELECTED !!! …

Interim Councillor Ceta Ramkhalawansingh wants the national anthem to be gender neutral. Ceta Ramkhalawansingh , who was appointed the new councillor for the downtown ward in July , will introduce the motion this week in council. City council does not have the power to amend the National Anthem Act , however it can ask Ottawa to change the lines in the English lyrics of the anthem …

Well Ceta ( I’m not going to waste my time typing your last name !!! … ) , this is something desperately needed to be dealt with in the society from whence you came !!! …

I suggest you go back to that country and put your efforts into ‘ equalizing ‘ women’s rights , and acknowledgement of such , where it is profoundly required … In an evolved society such as ours , we have long since put that nonsense behind us and you are just wasting taxpayor dollars when there is much REAL work to be done by council …

YOU HAVEN’T EVEN BEEN DULY ELECTED !!! … You’re ‘ interim ‘ for CRISSAKES !!! …

It is NOT an issue that ‘ all ‘ are concerned about … It’s semantics and not worthy of the time/money waste … The vast majority of the current contaminated population of this country rarely or NEVER even bothers to attempt to sing our national anthem anyway … The only reason any of us REAL Canadians know SOME of the lyrics is because we were taught it in Public School …
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via McArthur|Interim Councillor Wants to Make National Anthem Gender Neutral | Talk Radio AM640.


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