12:32 P.M. P.K. Subban ?!!! …


Now here’s a prime example to black kids how to rob society blind and do it in a perfectly legal way !!! … The only glass you might end up smashing is in the end boards of an arena and you won’t need a brick or rock … A puck will be provided for you !!! … So get , and remain , fit and healthy … While doing so , become ‘ somewhat good ‘ at a sport ( If you’re hell bent on breaking glass , I suggest hockey ) … And some money making ( or losing !! ) corporation will GIVE you millions of dollars out of sheer stupidity !!! …

And it’s all perfectly legal !!! …

This goes to show you the extent of the stupidity of Western society … When infrastructure of cities is falling apart … Billionaires pay less tax then their middle management people … People volunteer and put themselves at risk for complete strangers and recieve NOTHING … On and on and on !! … The individual below gets this put on his plate and he figures he’s worth it and now he’s happy ‘cuz now he knows his ‘ family is secure ‘ !!! …PK

When P.K. Subban and Montreal Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin left Friday’s arbitration hearing emotions were raw. Hours of opposing arguments don’t often set the stage for finding common ground. But 24 hours later Subban and the Habs reached an agreement on not just any contract but one for US$72 million over eight years. It’s the kind of long-term commitment that will make everyone quickly forget about the tensions of these negotiations that culminated in arbitration.

He’s a good shit disturber and a decent component that would add to any team … BUT THIRD HIGHEST PAID IN THE LEAGUE ?!!!! …

I think not !!! …

via Canadiens agree to sign P.K. Subban to eight-year deal | CTV News.


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