3:26 P.M. More useless , COSTLY !!! distorted analysis …

New figures show the number of visible minorities in Canadian prisons has increased by 75 per cent in the past decade , while the number and proportion of inmates who are Caucasian has declined significantly. As well , Canada’s prison population is now at its highest level ever , even though the crime rate has been decreasing over the past two decades. Ten years ago , the number of inmates in federal prisons was close to 12,000. It’s now more than 15,000. These are just some of the statistics expected to be examined Tuesday , when the annual report of Correctional Investigator of Canada Howard Sapers is tabled in Parliament. His report is widely expected to be a scathing indictment of federal correctional policy.

In that report Sapers states ; ‘ You cannot reasonably claim to have a just society with incarceration rates like these ‘ in a speech he gave at a church in Toronto. Sapers gave his audience a litany of grim figures. He pointed out that close to a quarter of all inmates are aboriginal even though they make up only four per cent of the population. The rate of incarceration of aboriginal women increased by 80 per cent in the past decade. Sapers said the situation is particularly critical for black and aboriginal inmates …

Jan19Blog2 copy*MORBNOTE ; The first sentence in this article pinpoints the source of the problem … IMMIGRATION POLICY !!! … Including that of our conquering ancestors , who ‘ immigrated ‘ here and transformed this country into what it is now in the modern age. They should have told the natives to get in the game instead of this bullshit about ‘ First Nations ‘ and allowing them to govern themselves ! … THEY CAN’T !!! … If immigrants these days can’t understand our laws and society as a whole …THEN GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM !!! … This so called increase in prison population is directly tied with immigration.

The politically correct , especialy those who want to remain or get elected , pander to these swells of uninformed individuals that have caused the numbers to rise … I understand some people don’t want to face that fact … But you’ll find the truth in the ACTUAL numbers … Note in this picture of four individuals that are engaging in criminal behavior ALL are black …police-shooting-missouriIt’s got nothing to do with ‘ race ‘ … Behavior isn’t genetic , it’s developed under circumstance …
BlogSOOct031 copy

via Canada’s prison population at all-time high – CBC News – Latest Canada, World, Entertainment and Business News.


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