9:01 A.M. Sochi Olympic GAYmes !!! …

AppalliticsHeaderI’d just like to know whose ASSinine idea was it to contaminate the centuries old tradition of the Olympics with the ( admittedly older , but completely out of context ) theme of homosexuality ?!!! …

The intolerance that had gone on in the past has been agreed upon for decades now to have been unacceptable … Pagan societies that are still in existence today won’t evolve any time soon folks !!! … And the Olympic Games ain’t the venue to try !!! ...Putin1

Russian President Vladimir Putin promised , amid much concern about his new law and about the recent wave of attacks against gay people across Russia , that homosexuals are welcome in Sochi for the Olympics. ‘ We don’t have a ban on non-traditional sexual relations … ‘ he stated … ‘ We have a ban on promoting homosexuality and pedophilia among minors. ‘ Putin2

When Elena Klimova , a journalist , wrote a column decrying this law , she received a grateful letter from an underage lesbian , who said she had saved her life. Inspired by this , Ms. Klimova started an online group , Children-404 , where gay and lesbian teens can post supportive letters to one another.

She was charged for ‘ distributing information among minors that ;

1) is aimed at creating non-traditional sexual attitudes ,
2) makes non-traditional sexual relations attractive,
3) equates the social value of traditional and non-traditional sexual relations, or
4) creates an interest in non-traditional sexual relations ‘ …

‘ Anyone got a problem with that ?!!! ‘ …

* MORBNOTE ; This post is a work in progress … Your patience is appreciated …


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