8:55 P.M. Something’s gotta change !!! …


The Vimovo ( Naproxen ) replaces the last anti inflammatory Arthrotec ( Diclofenic ) … The Voltaren is supposed to offer relief externally … Feels a tad soothing , but does SQUAT !!! … The Lyrica ( Pregabalin ) is supposed to provide relief of neuropathic pain , in my case caused by damaged nerves in the spine … So far , not a lot happening !!! … It’s getting more severe !! … I just popped the first Lyrica tonight tho ( they’re something new ! ) …

But the main score are the T3’s !!! … Gotta stay at work while awaiting the MRI …

Up until now I’ve carried on with my usual beer consumption … I brought that up with the Doc , as even I know that probably isn’t going to allow the medications to do their thing but I asked the stupid question anyway ! … So … The pain and interference with my employment has closed the door to the fridge for a few weeks …




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