2:08 P.M. Busy and painful month !!! …

MorbnewsFireThe blog has been neglected for a while … Since the last post , Chicago won the Stanley Cup … The Jays are slipping further out of contention and my health issues have gotten drastically more excruciating !!! …

I’m missing too many hours from work … Just got back from the doctor’s and he’s going to put me through all the tests ( that I went through 5 years ago !!! ) and have another crack at it … He at least gave me some free anti-inflammatory pills …

CanCleanBurnt1 copy I was hoping for a prescription for pain killers to allow me to get through work days … But he wants to do the tests first … He did give me a prescription for a small amount of Tylenol 3’s , but I’ll have to wait ’til payday tomorrow to purchase them !!! …

Life’s a pain in the ass at the moment !!! …


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