11:29 P.M. Man who killed Toronto cop now ‘ feels terrible ‘ ?!!!! … OH BOO HOO !!! …

wgoodstartheaderNow that he is able to grasp what he did , Kachkar ‘ feels terrible ‘, his lawyer Bob Richardson said … Some people may not agree with the verdict , Richardson acknowledged outside court , but noted it doesn’t mean his client will just walk free … ” I think before people criticize something they should take the time to perhaps try and understand it ,” he said “ It’s not a get-out-of-jail-free card. It’s a recognition that someone is very , very sick and needs to be treated…It doesn’t mean that they’re not accountable. He’s accountable because he’s going into the hospital system.” Though all three forensic psychiatrists agreed that psychosis had taken hold of Kachkar’s mind , they were unsure exactly how to categorize his mental illness and they all struggled with a specific diagnosis. Dr. Philip Klassen said if he had to offer a diagnosis it would be either an unspecified psychotic disorder or possibly schizophrenia.

*MORBNOTE ; I’ll comment on this tomorrow …

via Man who killed Toronto cop with snow plow found not criminally responsible – The Globe and Mail.


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