11:05 A.M. Nakhuda denied access to her own monkey ?!!! … WHAT ?! …

WAWHeader*MORBNOTE ; I’ve been cleaning out my drafts this afternoon … Got rid of most of the 267 !!! .. But kept a few … This is old news … But the headline is good for a laugh !!! …

The owner of Darwin the Ikea monkey will not be allowed to have her beloved pet primate home for the holidays.

The young macaque monkey that became a sensation after being found alone — and well dressed — in an Ikea parking lot earlier in December will remain at an animal sanctuary northeast of Toronto at least until the case to determine who will keep the animal comes up again in January, Justice Michael Brown ruled Friday.

The day before, lawyers representing owner Yasmin Nakhuda and her family asked Brown to allow Nakhuda to take Darwin home with her while the case is adjourned until the new year so that the bond between Nakhuda and the monkey could remain unharmed.

Nakhuda’s lawyer, Ted Charney, had argued the Story Book Farm primate sanctuary placed “unreasonable” conditions on Nakhuda visiting Darwin, which included a search and police escort during the visits.

via Ikea monkey to stay at sanctuary | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun.

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