11:37 A.M. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band … The best album ever made ?!!! …

Released 45 years ago ( June 1 / 1967 ) it isn’t even the greatest Beatles’ record … By comparison , Rubber Soul has more full-throttle joy and rib-sticking melody ; Revolver is more poignantly genre-busting ; The White Album is more wildly diverse and serious-minded ; Let It Be is bloodier , rawer , more visceral ; and Abbey Road is more progressive … and with better George songs …

As a concept based on an invented band (or bandleader) , the album is a failure … Stretching only so deep as the record’s first two songs , the concept is abandoned after the introduction of Billy Shears in favour of a string of unrelated compositions leading to the universal triumph of the album’s best (and only great ) track , A Day in the Life … Nothing about what comes before hints at the emotional intensity of the closing number , which leaves Billy Shears in a jumble of bones and carnival serge …

‘ And yet , Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was the ‘ Greatest Album Ever Made ‘ ?!!! …

BULLSHIT !!! … GIVE ME ONE LARGE BREAK !!! … I can think of a few HUNDRED albums that blow that single generation fluff out of the water !!! …


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