11:14 A.M. GO FREDDIE !!! …

Fred Couples , a winner on the senior tour two weeks ago , often ambles around these grounds , twirling a golf club , looking as if he’s playing a leisurely weekend round instead of grinding through one of golf’s toughest tests …
On this day , his 106th competitive round at the course , all the scenes looked familiar … Freddie bending at the waist to stretch, reaching his hand into the back of his waistband to rub his aching back, squinting into the sunlight , wincing at the occasional twinge of pain …

‘ What would it take ? ‘ he said … ‘ A lot more birdies , a lot more made putts … Maybe a painkiller or two !!! ‘ …

I HEAR YA FREDDIE !!! … Same age of 52 with all the aches and pains !!! … Having watched Fred come close last year … Then drop to 6th on the weekend … I’d love to see him win it this time … …

via Couples partying like it’s 1992 | The Chronicle Herald.


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