8.44 P.M. Sarkozy Years Ahead in Addressing Radical Muslims …

A must read from SamH … More people in the position to do something about this must emulate Sarkozy …

From Sam’s post …

The reality is that Europe has been over-run … Invaded ! ( Really ) … By Muslims.  They refuse to integrate into the society in place not just through dress but through isolating their communities , disdain of Western culture and , in many cases , preaching the overthrow of western governments and the destruction of western culture within the boundaries of the nation state into which they have moved … This could not happen in their homeland. A westerner could not move to most Muslim-dominated countries around the globe without having to adapt to clothing and other rules of that culture.  Essentially , Muslims have benefitted from freedoms in Western countries that have allowed them to move in , in great numbers and to begin to be voted into office from local governments through to national. One Inman in England boasted that by 2025 , the Prime Minister of the UK would be a Muslim !!! …

*MORBNOTE ; Sad but true possibility !!! … For the entire article … Click link below … AND READ !!! …

via Sarkozy Years Ahead in Addressing Radical Muslims and Protection of French Culture « ON MY WATCH – the writings of SamHenry.


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