8:35 P.M. Bob Rae the leading choice to lead Liberals: poll ?!!! …

While interim Liberal leader Bob Rae remains coy about whether he plans to run for permanent leadership of the party , results of the latest poll suggest he is far and above the preferred choice of Canadians to lead the Liberals …

* MORBNOTE ; I would think that the poll was answered largely by conservatives that would LOVE this SOCIALIST DOLT ! to lead the liberals federally ‘cuz it would give Steve and the conservatives an even bigger majority than they have now !!! … This NDP FUCK RUINED Ontario !!! … He got a ridiculous 5 year mandate in 1990 out of a ‘ protest vote ‘ that no one really thought would occur ! … Then , when Mike Harris came in and tried to straighten out the mess , HE got vilified !!! …


Retire Bob !!! … You’ve been overpaid with my taxes !!! … So how ‘ bout a NICE BIG CUPPA

… AND GO AWAY !!!! …


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