… And these pagans truly believe that they have done the ‘ right thing ‘ …

They didn’t succeed , because one of the hallmarks of honour killings is the murderers’ relative indifference to legal penalties. Honour is about appearances. Those whose lives and reputations are bound up with an ‘ honour group ‘ … Whether it is the military , the Mafia or a culture mired in a TRIBALISTIC PAST !!! … Do NOT look to outside authority for approval of what they deem manly conduct. Their good opinion of themselves derives only from the judgment of their honour group peers. Thus , a life in prison may literally be perceived as a lower price to pay than feeling shamed in the group’s eyes …

* MORBNOTE ; And we KNOWINGLY allow these pagans to enter our country and society ?!!! … And fight for THEIR rights ?!!! …

WTF ?!!! …

via Prison before dishonour.


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