5:40 A.M. Crossing the line ? …

Dressed as the character ‘ Marg Delahunty , Princess Warrior ‘ actor Mary Walsh went to Ford’s home in the city’s west-end Monday morning while brandishing a plastic sword …  ‘ Delahunty ‘ has for years subjected politicians to surprise , one-sided interviews … Former prime minister Jean Chretien …  former Alaska governor Sarah Palin … And Quebec Premier Jean Charest have all received the treatment …

According to 22 Minutes executive producer Michael Donovan, Ford hid briefly behind a bush before re-entering his house. The mayor called 911 …

” We were actually surprised at how humourless his response was ” Donovan said Monday.

Ford said his six-year-old daughter got scared and retreated back into the house. He followed and made a 911 call. CBC said police did not meet with the TV crew at Ford’s house.

* MORBNOTE ; I thought ya had a better sense of humour than that Rob !!! …

via CBC ‘ambush’ made Toronto mayor Rob Ford look good: political scientists.


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