7:25 P.M. SamHenry finds another good one !!! ..

It is reported that in Switzerland , Muslims want the cross removed from the nation’s flag ! …  [see Diary of a Mad Conservative] This from a total population of 400,000.  Mosques dot the landscape and the cultural look and feel of Switzerland and other countries in Europe is threatened.  What is happening is clear … 


Muslims have quickly learned that democracy is a concept that can work for them in the takeover of the West.  Hispanics have known this for a long while.  It is the new way of winning territorial and cultural war.  These groups know the limits of a democracy and they manipulate it …


I could type up a storm on this one … But its Monday and I have to start work early tomorrow !!! … But just take a moment and think about this … THEY came to OUR countries … THEY MUST CONFORM !!! … NOT ATTEMPT TO DICTATE THAT WE CATER TO THEM !!! …

via Killing of Anwar al-Awlaki Takes Era of Sacrificing Civil Rights to National Security to New Level « ON MY WATCH – the writings of SamHenry.

One response to “7:25 P.M. SamHenry finds another good one !!! ..

  1. Thank you my Morb. I’m glad to be saying thought-provoking things again. Like the looks of the blog these days. You’re looking well. Have a good Tuesday. The only trouble with Tuesday is that it isn’t Saturday and it’s guaranteed to rain some more here. Why does God hate Rochester?

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