Part 3 ; Layton had the right to leave behind his letter …

Here’s one such response , from Lorne Gunter , Calgary Herald ;

‘ Our deaths should give us licence to voice some final thoughts. More than that , it should give us the stage to ourselves. As we pass , we should be alone at the podium , free to say what we want without fear of heckling from the gallery.

We should have the good sense and good taste not to spew venom at everyone we’ve ever felt wronged by … No ” And I want to tell my sister , Susie , that I have never forgiven her for … ”

Rather than settling old scores as we slip from this life , it’s best to forgive and forget. So the dying missive writer is well advised to go gentle ( or reasonably so ) into Dylan Thomas’s ” good night ” …

But if you want to have one last kick at the can … In good taste or not … You should get one when you die. And as much as it may be hard for the rest of us to swallow it , we should suffer your final thoughts in silence. After all , we’ll still be here for many years to come and will have plenty of opportunity to get our own say in …

* MORBNOTE ; I , once again , say … HE’S DEAD … MOVE ON !!! … How much more ‘ news ‘ time will be wasted on this ?!!! …

via Layton had the right to leave behind his letter.


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