4:02 p.m. RIGHT ON DAVE !!! …

I’m with ya Dave !!! … As Britain begins to weigh the costs of rioting and ponders measures to prevent a recurrence , the government of Prime Minister David Cameron has put forward a way of punishing those who rampaged through cities and towns … Kick them and their families out of their government subsidized homes …

If carried out on the scale the government has proposed , it would probably be the most punitive of the sanctions that are being considered in response to the worst civil disorder in a generation. More than 10 million Britons , about one in six , live in public housing …

Mr Cameron on Friday broadened the ” fight back ” he has declared against the rioters , and against those who argue the blame should rest less with rioters than with the abject social conditions in which many of them live …

He’s right !!! … Your life may suck … But that DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE ‘ RIGHT ‘ TO BECOME A CRIMINAL !!! …

via Cameron plans to evict rioters.


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