7:10 p.m. Pakistan Says US Aid With Conditions Unacceptable !!! …

Pakistan’s military is criticizing a U.S. decision to suspend hundreds of millions of dollars in military assistance to Pakistan. Relations between the United States and Pakistan have been frayed since the covert U.S. raid that killed Osama bin Laden. Some analysts say the decision to suspend aid to Pakistan will only further hurt bilateral ties …

The White House confirmed Sunday that $800 million , roughly one-third of the annual U.S. security assistance to Pakistan , would be suspended.

News reports quote unnamed American officials who say Pakistan’s lack of cooperation and insufficient efforts on counterterrorism led to the suspension …

Islamabad recently expelled more than 90 American military trainers from the country and tightened visa procedures for CIA officials …

Pakistani army spokesman Major-General Athar Abbas dismissed the criticism Monday, and in turn lashed out at the U.S. decision.

“ The provision of aid with conditions is not acceptable ” said Abbas. ” We don’t have to qualify on ( a )] daily basis and remain in the talk that when we qualify only then it ( aid ) will be resumed or it will be provided “ …

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via Pakistan Says US Aid With Conditions Unacceptable | Asia | English.


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