5:18 p.m. COME ON TIM !!! … SHUT ‘EM DOWN BUD !!!…

Here’s an excerpt from an article in the Toronto Star …

” It’s hard to decide who deserves it less — the Canucks or the Bruins. This is the Sophie’s Choice of neutral hockey fans. Except you wouldn’t want to live with either of them.

The ironclad home-ice rule of this final suggests that Vancouver is on tap to hoist our most beloved trophy at game’s end. Will that guy with the white gloves who travels with the Cup be on-ice to make sure nobody gnaws a hole in the thing ? If it falls on someone’s head , will they pretend to be injured and then demand that the Cup get a 12-game suspension ?

The problem with Vancouver isn’t that they’ve been blown out in three of the final’s six games , though that’s a problem. The problem is how they’ve handled themselves through all 360-odd minutes of ice time.

The biting was one thing. The goading about the biting ( on both sides ) was far worse. The whining about goading about the biting was the step over the edge.

The constant hacking and the theatrical diving once a Bruin hacks back is another thing. It’s like the Canucks look at each other before each shift and say “ This time I’ll be the lumberjack, and you be the tree ”…

Aside from some humorous observations , he’ goes on to state that the Cup should be awarded to Tim Thomas … I TOTALLY AGREE !!! … Seeing the way Chara has played … The dismal power play … etc … Tim’s the reason they are here tonight … He deserves the triple crown … VEZINA … CONN SMYTHE … AND STANLEY CUP !!!

via Kelly: Which team deserves the Stanley Cup? Neither – thestar.com.


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