7:43 p.m A Stunning Woman Indeed … ( From France no less !!! ) …

PARIS — The French finance minister, Christine Lagarde, was on a panel at the World Economic Forum in Davos this January when her usual smile turned into a frown. Next to her, Robert E. Diamond Jr., chief executive of Barclays and one of the most powerful bankers in the world, thanked regulators and finance ministers for their role in shaping a better environment after the financial crisis.

Ms. Lagarde looked him in the eye. “ The best way for the banking sector to say thank you would be to actually have, you know, good financing of the economy, sensible compensation systems in place and reinforcement of their capital ” she replied, to a burst of applause …

*Morbnote ; How many crooks got away from that financial meltdown with HUGE bank accounts ?!! … And we now hear NOTHING about them ?!!! … As well as the ‘ politicians ‘ that allowed them to get away with it because … After all … They , and their money , got them to the place of power that they so coveted …

via OMG – Top Replacement Candidate for IMF Head A Stunning Woman « ON MY WATCH – the writings of SamHenry.


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