12:04 p.m. Leafs on verge of vying for Stanley Cup , Wilson says …

About the same time the Loafs were cleanin’ out their lockers , getting ready for another early start to their perennial golf season … On April / 11 Ron Wilson said the following … WITH A STRAIGHT FACE !!! … Now THAT’S earnin’ your salary !!! …

This from a Globe and Mail article ;

It wasn’t yet Brian Burke’s turn to speak, so Toronto Maple Leafs coach Ron Wilson stepped in with a bold proclamation of his own on Monday.

And it was a bit of a whopper.

“We’re probably two or three pieces from being a true contender,” Wilson said during his final media address of the season. “But I’m talking a contender, not for the playoffs, I’m talking contender for the Stanley Cup. And it may come from within. You don’t know.”

REALLY RON ?!!! … I think you should back off our Canadian beer ! … It’s a tad stronger than the American swill you’re used to !!! …

While there may be a lot that’s unknowable for the Leafs in terms of next season, however, this just isn’t it, as – barring Sidney Crosby, Corey Perry and Shea Weber clones in the system – they’re more than a little way from “contender” territory.

After all, going from a 74-point to an 85-point team is one thing; joining the 100-point crowd is entirely another, a type of challenge at least two years down the road for this team.

BUT HEY !!! We’re still the biggest money makin’ team in the league and we’ve won SQUAT ! in the last 44 years !!! …


via Leafs on verge of vying for Stanley Cup, Wilson says – The Globe and Mail.


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