2:53 p.m. This from …

It is a strange president and party that relentlessly pursues policies that work actively day by day to beggar and weaken the country they rule so maliciously, but that is what we have come to.

In the grocery store the wands and the scanners beep and the total rises up. But the clerk is nice and polite and is in the same fix you are so the final total doesn’t seem so bleak. And besides you probably splurged just a little ( Maybe got the not-quite-stale cookies on final markdown ) so you at least have a small pleasure to look forward to later as you watch “The Biggest Loser.”

When you and the rest of us buy gasoline, however, any pleasure gleaned from consumption is far, far away. You stand in the cold and the wet and you push a steel nozzle into a hole in your car and you stand there in the fumes with all the other vaguely pissed-off Americans. And you stare at the madly multiplying number panel that is draining your dollars from your debit card in a blur…. $20, $30, $40, $50, $60, $70….

Isn’t that a quality feeling? That’s “slow impoverishment” in action. Press “Yes” if you want a receipt, “No” if you just don’t give a damn any longer.

Killing Osama felt good, didn’t it? But that’s it. Break’s over. Everyone back on your heads.

Strange that the only ones who are enjoying the slow impoverishment of Americans are its enemies and the president and his party. They are laughing at you and their slowly impoverished base at their dinner parties. At the top, where the buck starts, his continuing pleasure in your slow impoverishment is one other thing that is “undiminished” in the mind of the strange and un-American “faith” of Obama.

*Morbnote ; Found this while surfing about … Basically lambasting Obama’s policies …
I particularly like the description of being at the pumps !!! … Blurring numbers and all !!! … It’s times like this that ease the dilemma of not having the convenience of a vehicle !!! … In my current predicament there’s NO WAY I could afford to operate a car !!! … That’s all I’d be goin’ to work for !!! …


via Slow Impoverishment in Middle Class American Life @ AMERICAN DIGEST.


3 responses to “2:53 p.m. This from …

  1. I now take a jar of Vaseline with me to the gas station as I figure I will need it anytime now LOL.

  2. FBTW … Did you think that was MY story ?! .. I was quoting from the American Digest ( you should be able to see the link at the end )… I simply put my two cents worth in , in the last paragraph …
    ( Morbquote )…

    I found it quite humorous myself .. In it’s ‘ reality ‘ and all …

    I’m curious as to what you find … ‘ enchanting ‘ …

  3. Somehow your enchanting story makes it seem less horrifying. A few days ago, I had to fill up my car & a 5-gallon container for the mower–$81.00. I guess it’s a good think I never bought a boat. It would certainly be idle this summer.

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