8:53 p.m. No one season wonder here !!! …

” How locked in at the plate is Jays right fielder Jose Bautista?

Consider, his most dismal at-bat this season may have come Sunday at Target Field against Kevin Slowey and the Twins: half-swing foul, checked-swing strike on a pitch in the dirt, then a weak grounder to short — seemingly unfocused and overanxious.

The extenuating circumstance, of course, was that Bautista had already hit three home runs in the game.

The 30-year-old late bloomer can be forgiven. ” …

The above was a quote from the Toronto Star sports writer Richard Griffin …
Jose Bautista has certainly been tearin’ it up so far this season … Despite missing 6 games due to an injury …
He certainly makes watchin’ the Jays worthwhile … But then again … He’s gettin’ paid 65 million over five years , so HE BETTER BE DAMN GOOD !!! …

Griffin goes on to state some points ;

” Bautista is no longer a sideshow performer, a novelty act from north of the border who, after a 2010 supernova of horsehide pyrotechnics, would surely disappear into the background where experts were certain he belonged.

Baseball has seen plenty of those. Does the name Brady Anderson ring a bell? How about Luis Gonzalez, who did not hit more than 15 homers until he was 30 years old, then hammered 57 in 2001 at age 33, then never more than 28 again.

The baseball brilliant Bautista, new face of the Jays clubhouse and its clear leader, has been on a roll since Sept. 5, 2009 — enough time for pitchers to make adjustments given the tremendous scouting tools available in this era of video breakdowns and statistical analysis.

Since that date, heading into the Motor City on Monday night, Bautista had played 220 games with 218 hits in 783 at-bats (.278), 80 home runs and 173 RBIs. He’s had 132 extra-base hits, drawing 146 walks while striking out 159 times for an on-base average of .399, a .659 slugging mark and 1.058 OPS ” …

Watching those home runs this morning being replayed from the game against the Twins last night ( Sunday night ) shows you how focussed he is at the plate …

So far worth the 65 million investment …

For the complete Richard Griffin article , click below link …

via Griffin: Bautista has become baseball’s best hitter – thestar.com.


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