10:11 p.m. Must be lawyers !!! …

I think Obama dropped the ball here … The States NEEDED TO SPIKE THE BALL !!! …

I would have flown that sorry corpse back to New York and put it on display in a bullet proof glass tomb at the foot of Ground Zero !!! … I don’t think much of this ‘ burial at sea ‘ bullshit … It leaves far too much for the conspiracy creators … There needed to be NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER that the Navy Seals planted two life exterminating bullets in Osama Bin Laden … I would have gone even further and provided a bit of a ‘ fireworks display ‘ in Pakistan for harboring the asshole in the first place !!! … You can’t tell me they didn’t know he was that close to a military installation !!! … He is somewhat recognizable , being the world’s most wanted man and all !!! …


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