11:50 a.m. Great Comedy !!! …

It took some time for it to get going … But eventually … The stupidity of it all made it worth while not watchin’ a hockey game or cleaning the toilets !!! …

I’ll tune into the French debate tonight … Not knowing a single word of KbecMangledFrench … ( Other than ‘ merde ‘ ) … Just to watch the same physical ‘ squirmations ‘ that these so called leaders went thru last night !!! …

I do like the fact that ( a rather constipated looking ) Steven Harper … On several occasions basically said … ” Give me a majority and then we’ll see … ”

Which of course elicited cries of all the impending doom being wrought by the Conservative ‘ hidden agenda ‘ and repeated utterances of being the first government to have been found in contempt of Parliament … From ( Check out the new sympathy cane ) Jack and ( Every immigrant loves Canada first ) Iggy …

Then there’s this piece of Facelle Royale !!! … Leader hof the Disturbe’ du Merde Partay du Kbec … ( 3 PLY NO LESS !!! … ‘Cuz ya need it that thick !!! ) … This guy makes Jean Chretien sound like Richard Burton !!! … And only one side of Jean’s mouth worked !!! …

If the candidates didn’t prompt a vomitous reaction , the set certainly did !!! …


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