7:51 p.m. No suspension starts the panic !!! …

I was watching the news and saw the replays of the hit that the Boston Bruins’ ( one of my teams ) Zdano Chara delivered to Max Pacioretti ( of the Montreal Canadiens ) …

… And I listened to people calling in to scream about the fact that there was no suspension to Chara … One woman even went as far as to say she was ‘ traumatized ‘ by witnessing it from her TV set !!! … ( Reminds me of a post of mine a little while back ! … )

MORBNOTE ; Go talk to a lawyer lady ! .. He’ll probably think of more than one person or entity to sue !!! ( … For a fee of course !!! )

I’ll have to get back to this … As I have to get up at 4:00 tomorrow morning … But It was interesting to hear all the various points of view and comparison of similar instances recently in the NHL …

Getting back to this ( … Early morning Sunday Mar / 13 ) , I was sleeping quite nicely during Saturday’s game against the Buffalo Sabres ( … Which Toronto won 4-3 !!! ) when Don piped in his buck seventy five worth on the hit … He said to all the bleeding hearts …

” You either give him 20 games or NONE !!! … You can’t be ‘ a little guilty ‘ … And then echoed my statement below … About the glass in a few arenas …

I’ll leave it with this ; It was a horrible thing to have happen to anyone … I hope Max has a full and complete recovery … But the real stupidity here is the design of the glass in between the players benches !!! … There’s been many close calls there and it was gonna happen to this degree sooner or later … Bettman should have done something about this years ago , but he’s too busy trying to sell hockey in the desert !!! …


2 responses to “7:51 p.m. No suspension starts the panic !!! …

  1. While she’s at it … She could sue that Pierre Maguire asshole who is usually stationed there !!! … Isn’t that why the glass is there ? … The sports commentators of TSN and whatnot ? … If there’s anybody I’d like to see get sued it’s that moron !!! …

  2. Right on, Mr. Morb! I feel bad for Max and hope he fully recovers. Hockey is a rough sport and everyone involved knows it. You’ve got 10 guys (I don’t count the goalies) flying around an ice rink with sticks, hitting a 4 ounce disc of frozen rubber (and each other) – hell, somebody’s bound to get hurt once in a while.

    As for the woman who was “traumatized,” she should definitely find a lawyer – her trauma could snag her (and her lawyer, of course) a huge payday! This is a target-rich environment! She could sue:
    * The NHL
    * Both teams
    * The city of Montreal
    * The visiting team’s bus company
    * The hotel where the visitors are staying
    * The manufacturer of the glass
    * The arena and all of its advertisers
    * The Zamboni company
    * The Zamboni driver
    * Zdeno Chara
    * Both coaches
    * Gary Bettman
    * The cable company
    * The manufacturer of her TV set
    * Her landlord or mortgage holder

    We both know that one or more of these defendants would cough up some cash to make her go away. SHEEESH!

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