8:09 a.m. $ 3 Mil anti depressant …

I came across the preceding article ( 7:47 a.m. post / Vancouver Sun ) while attempting to settle in after work yesterday … Upon the first read , I thought to myself ‘ How can anyone but this complete wacko be responsible for these two passengers so called ‘ trauma ?!!! ‘ … Then I wondered ‘ All the many other passengers have carried on with their lives … But what do you think will happen if the lawyers actually pull this one off ?!!! ‘ …

Because … The lawyers know they can’t get a penny outta Vinci Li … So they include any entity they can … With the slightest connection to the incident that DO have a bank account to bleed !!! …

This article on the subject from the Toronto Sun explains the ‘ logic ‘ of suing Greyhound , the RCMP and the Government of Canada ( LOTSA MONEY THERE !!! ) …

Lawsuits filed in bus beheading | Canada | News | Toronto Sun.

( Feb / 20 Update ; Check out comments for a pingback from The Mook )


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