10:23 p.m. The a.m. reflection …


3 responses to “10:23 p.m. The a.m. reflection …

  1. You have the eye advantage, Morb. I don’t have the mysterious, semi-feared eye of the cat. I live with the semi-trusting eye of the dog. It is often misread. It is more often taken for granted.

  2. Many years ago I wouldn’t say anything … But I got fed up !!! … I’m the one payin’ for it so they can get the order right ! First you have to repeat yourself several times with a slow , deliberate enunciation of EVERY word to the person at the counter … Always have them repeat what you just said … Then it’s best to keep an eye on the robotic twits that prepare them … Once I saw one grab the mayo bottle and squeeze away in their mindless repetitious cycle … I said to the one at the cash register ( who was attempting to deal with the next person in line ) ” Is that my wrap ? … ‘Cuz if it is , she can make me a new one !!! Don’t try scrapping anything off !!! ” …

    She did … No argument … That’s where the old Morb ‘ eye ‘ comes in handy ! I’ve been told that it looks like I’m about to go psycho and lose it at any moment with a few of my ‘ considerably less than amused ‘ looks …

  3. Morb – we travel in parallel universes. I like egg on a biscuit at McDonald’s and orange juice (breakfast and hot fudge sundae’s there only w/ occasional angus rap with cheese/mushrooms -NO mayo). I always say NO CHEESE and invariably get cheese. I think there is a literacy problem here! I peel it off, eat and drive off because to complain is to waste time. Their biscuits are goooood.

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