4:14 p.m. The light’s gettin’ brighter by the day …

I’m settlin’ in quite nicely at the new job … Again , these guys are a pleasure to work for ! … They know it takes time to do the type of work they chose to take on and have obviously priced it accordingly … I’ve suggested a number of items and tools that would be the best method to deal with this particular job in progress … They listened and agreed … And went out and got it ALL in a matter of a couple of days !!! …

They’ve bought more new items in five days than the last shitty company that I worked for ( … for damn near six years !!! ) did in two YEARS !!! … Those idiots thought they were saving money by not buying the proper tools and equipment … Fortunately , these chaps understand how to do a job properly …

It is indeed a joy to get up and go to work once again !!!! … And have time slip by unnoticed … And feel great ( … although tired … I’m gettin’ old !!!… ) about what you’ve accomplished during the day’s toil when you arrive back at home …


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