8:32 p.m. Biting my tongue …..

On top of all that , due to a error on my part , my employer chose to charge me for some damaged fittings … I understand that … However , I was not the lone cause … I was left in the shop by myself with no one to refer too … The half-assed electrical setup there ( one side of the building’s outlets are not functioning ! ) and the poor lighting ( combined with my aging , failing eyesight !!! ) is not condusive to the ease of properly accomplishing the task that I was given … I can accept the responsibility though , but I requested he spread the cost over a couple of paycheques , as it was the end of the month and I needed to pay rent … He has yet to give me a full weeks’ worth of work and the sporadic times I get a chance to earn some money causes me considerable financial stress … Not to mention the pain in the ass his NSF cheques have caused me !!! … Yet he failed to take that into consideration and chose to take the entire amount from this weeks’ pay … He said he was being fair about it …

I thought otherwise … And bit my tongue …

So , after stepping off the final bus , with my bag of eight cans of beer to aid my attempt to put the entire day’s frustration out of mind … I hobbled through the park , limped down the street and finally arrived at home … Tired , stressed and in considerable pain … After consuming coffee and lots of H2O all week ( … due to lack of funds ! ) that first cold beer was an oasis in the scorching desert that is my daily routine … I sat at the dining room table … Where , for a brief moment in time , I found myself …

Once again … Biting my tongue …

On days like this … It’s fortunate that I have dentures !!! I can remove them and not cause myself major damage !!! …


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