10:44 p.m. DUH !!! … REALLY ?!! … Ya figure ?!!!

The front page headline that you just read is the BRILLIANT deduction of our Government House Leader , John Baird , on the arrival of the most recent crop of bogus refugees from Sri Lanka !!! …

They’ve had years to ascertain what the previous 30 odd thousand have been up to … many of whom claim they will be persecuted … even killed … if forced to go back to Sri Lanka … but end up going back themselves , visiting family !!! … And those that exhaust their claim ( which takes YEARS and millions of OUR dollars !!! ) disappear and never leave Canada anyway !!! … Taking jobs and straining our healthcare system …

Then they have the gall to clog up our streets protesting their homeland issues …DEMANDING that we assist them further !!! …


After the 76 in October ( actually … those as well ! ) , these 490 should have been turned around at sea … and be done with it !!! …


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