8:34 p.m. Testing …Testing … 123 …

Let’s see … Last October it was 76 Tamils on board the Ocean Lady … Now the MV Sun Sea comes , extensively modified to hold 490 !!! … One has to wonder how many will be aboard the next one !! … And the next … and … Well , you get my drift …

As I perused one of the many articles on the situation , I came upon a well spoken comment to the story. It quite nicely summed up my thoughts on the whole situation … The comment writer stated several key points ;

1. We are not able , nor are we obliged , to solve the world’s problems.

2. These people come here with little to no communication skills , as well as having no employment skills in general ( certainly none that are in short supply here with all the unemployed we have in this country ).

3. The Captain and the crew should be jailed , the ship owner should be fined $50,000/refugee and the ship should then be turned around … take them back to where they came from and deposited with the proper paperwork to ‘ apply ‘ for refugee status with substantiated reasons.

He also echoed my sentiment that the problems that they face are not mine to sort out. We have enough problems of our own in this country … unemployment of 100’s of thousands , many sectors of industry suffering , reigning in our health costs … not to mention … Quebec !!! ( Couldn’t resist ! ) …

It also crossed my mind that it may very well be the Sri Lankan government that is financing all this ! … Think about it … It’s a Helluva lot more expensive to carry on a 25 year war than it is to simply ship your enemy halfway ’round the globe to get them outta your face !!! … Simply send ’em to Canada !!! …

I hope Vic Toews keeps diggin’ his heels in and exposes this human smuggling scheme for what it is …


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