6:01 p.m. Hmmm … I wonder …

Below is a current ad for AT & T … Kinda gets me to thinking about the many people that witnessed my creation … and with a brief conversation with someone in marketing … the below campaign could have been spawned from that conversation …

With all the many individuals I approached and many more that have seen and admired the concept of the artwork I created , I wonder if it somehow may have been referred to a person in the advertising business … Up until stumbling across this recent ad I had never ( nor anyone else ) seen anything remotely like my artwork. My , as yet , unpublished book has been basically finished for over 18 years and in that time , I had yet to see anything the least bit similar.

Although many of my creatures are my own ‘ alien like ‘ designs , there are bats , scorpions , trees , fish … even a crab and a knucklehead shark !!! … Suspicion creeps in as I view the above moose and coral ( with a fish just slipping into sight in my edited montage ) and the elephant heads at the top. There’s more to the ads , but you get the general idea.

I created ‘ Out Of My Hands ‘ on my drawing board … over 20 years ago ! This , in my mind , is a wee bit too close to my concept ( done with photography , painted hands and computer graphics programs ) to be coincidence. There are plenty of advertising firms in Toronto …

Note ; For more of my artwork from the book , go to the Out Of My Hands page on my blog here. Particularly the poems segment.


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