9:26 a.m. Protesting the protest !!! …

In reference to my June / 27 blog ( the remark about the parents of these politically minded little cherubs ) , I came across a prime example in this morning’s reports on the protesting going on about how these ‘ protesters ‘ ( shit disturbers ) got treated ;

I bet that Junior’s quite happy that Ma’s yap is screamin’ at someone else for a change after probably gettin’ the treatment for his entire youth in spurts of mother’s frustration borne out of not knowing how to properly raise a child …

When I was about six or seven , my mother had to occasionally instruct me to tuck my shirt in … Judging from the attire Junior is sporting , presentation out in public is of no concern to Ma ! I can’t believe for a second that Junior there was speaking respectfully to officer 8056 at the time of near riotous conditions …

” No sir , I’m here to peacefully demonstrate and make my well thought out disagreements with this summit known … ” in a demur vocal tone , ” I will certainly stay beyond the barrier and adhere to the social and criminal laws that we have in this country, sir … ”


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